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What is Quartz 
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Strong Quartzs surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops,bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall paneling and interior furniture. Strong Quartz offers the industrys widest range of colors and structures and meticulously meets the demands of even the most exacting residential and commercial clients.
Although long used for the finest residential countertops, Strong Quartz also offers an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Our quartz surfacing is tough enough for wear and tear on virtually any interior surface, and attractive enough for any design inspiration. 

1. Scratch Resistance 
Strongs lustrous sheen is offers a level of resistance to scratching, chipping or cracking that few other surfaces can match. 
2. Heat Resistance 
By enhancing the natural qualities of quartz, Strong Quartz provides a surface that provides a greater level of heat resistance than most surfaces 
3. Color options 
Strong is available in hundreds different colors and patterns, giving you just the ambiance you are looking for. 
4. Solid value 
When compared to other natural stone surfaces, Strong represents a solid value within its class. 
5. Easy to clean 
Soap and water or mild cleansers are sufficient for cleaning; harsh cleaners and abrasives are never needed. In fact, they should be avoided. 
6. Natural beauty 
Natural quartz is one of nature’s hardest surfaces. In fact, it’s twice as hard as granite. You had have to use diamonds, rubies or topaz to scratch it. 
7. Low maintenance 
Strongs lustrous surface maintains a permanent sheen, so sealing, conditioning and polishing are never needed. In a daily life, can avoid the acid proof and alkali things. 
8. Anti bacterial 
This surface and the inside material is even compact, no any holes and slit, internal have high-grade antibiotic, stop bacterium multiplies, safe ,can protect the human health. 

countertop, laboratory mesa, bar counter, writing table, windowsill, counter, floor, metope. In particular, requests for places of relatively high quality. Our products have more advantages.

Extra-Wide Quartz Surface Slabs 
165X325 cm / 65X128 Inches.
 Slab sizes

Thickness Options 
Strong slabs are available in six thicknesses

12,15,18,20,30(mm) –in order to enable a multitude of applications.

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